Join the Program:

Become a seeker today by joining us at any of the events shown in the calendar above, or call or text 828-547-0222 to learn more. Once we meet you in person, we’ll get your contact information and start getting to know you better.

From there, you can choose your own adventure: participating in the weekly events, challenging your capacity for connection through Listening Training, practicing agenda-free connection with other seekers or in a seeker pair, and/or being of service to the community through many different types of community service work.

The point of coming to SeekHealing events & socials is to experience real connection, which doesn’t mean you have to be in a good mood or even feel like being social when you arrive. Real connection happens when we relate with each other about the things that are hard. At any SeekHealing event, you can look for a seeker wearing a white t-shirt with a big owl on it if you need someone to talk to privately.

Attend Listening Training

Learn how to better listen to yourself and others

Learn more about extra care program

If you’re a person who may be at risk for overdose

Become a Connection Agent

Partner with SeekHealing to offer your connection-oriented business, group, activity or service to people healing from addiction