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Human beings who’ve made a commitment to become the happiest, healthiest humans they can be.

Two Groups of Seekers

Seekers who aren’t in crisis, who volunteer to help, and who have been trained in the art of listening.

Seekers who are actively healing from an addiction crisis.

Connection Agent Activities
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Connection Agent

Small business owners & nonprofit leaders who are willing to offer discounted introductions to their communities.

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SeekHealing Monthly Gathering

First Sunday of every month: all seekers gather for an evening of food, hanging out, and playing games designed to inspire vulnerability and to teach the art of building healthy relationships.

We match each seeker with their Person.

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You meet with your Person once a week. In each session, you decide together who will listen, and who will share. Both people receive the medicine of authentic connection.

We match each seeker with Connection Agents.

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You talk to your Person about what interests you, or browse our library to find a thing you want to try. The Connection Agent for that thing introduces you to it through intro classes or meetings, for free or cheap.

SeekHealing Weekly Data Collection

Weekly Group Meeting

Optional weekly meeting with local partner, Original Recovery : a different kind of meeting where you write your own rules for your recovery.

Weekly Data Collection

Every week: all seekers meet in their Person pairs, fill out a data collection form and submit an (optional) selfie video to document your experience.

And together, we heal.


Register as a seeker actively recovering from an addiction crisis.

Volunteer and get trained to listen. (Three 8-hour training days spanning 2 weekends)

Become a Connection Agent for your business or non-profit.

SeekHealing is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All program participation is free of charge. Donations for listener training and connection agent contracts are suggested, but not required.