2.5 hour seminar

  • Explore root causes of the overdose epidemic (opioids and other drugs)
  • Redefine addiction within the context of trauma & human connection
  • Learn about the differences between endogenous, synthetic, and natural opioids
  • Learn about harm reduction and how it applies to drug use
  • Learn facts about drug use and debunk common myths
  • Learn how to reverse an overdose with naloxone (Narcan)
  • Learn how to apply a harm reduction approach for long-term healing & recovery

Please email conversations@seekhealing.org to learn more about how to book an on-site workshop at your business or workplace. Workshop available to local non-profits, churches & community organizations on a sliding scale or donation basis.

If you know someone at risk or you need naloxone, please contact SeekHealing directly at: 828-547-0222