General Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers who share our vision to help support our operations.

Right now, we’re particularly in need of volunteers who have the following skills:

  • accounting (specifically nonprofit or tax accounting)
  • web development (proficiency in Python preferred)
  • web design (able to create wire frames)
  • research & data analysis (a detail oriented person who can stay on top of collecting and organizing weekly, confidential psychometric data from our pilot program participants)
  • community manager (someone to help manage relationships (remotely) and triage support issues with connection agents, listeners and seekers. Communities will be managed through Facebook and private messaging)

(last updated: January 2018)

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Are you committed to constantly striving to become the best person you can be? Have you experienced firsthand how meaningful connection leads to healing and growth?

Apply today to give the gift of listening and peer-based support to another seeker actively healing from an addiction crisis? You don’t have to have a history with chemical addiction yourself to become a Listener - just a humble awareness of your own personal growth and healing journey.

January 2018: We’re currently recruiting Listeners for our pilot program in Asheville, NC.

Apply to Listen in Asheville, NC