General Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers who share our vision to help support our operations.

Right now, we’re particularly in need of volunteers who have the following skills:

  • Accountant (specifically nonprofit or tax accounting)
  • Web Developer (proficiency in Python preferred)
  • Web Designer (able to create wire frames)
  • Social Media Manager (create content, organize posting schedule, and run campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter)

(last updated: November 2018)

Please click the button below to submit an application for a general volunteering position in our organization.

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Volunteer to Listen

Join our community and sign up for Listening Training today. After training, you’ll be paired with another person in the Asheville, NC community for a high-impact volunteering opportunity that asks you to meet in person once a week to practice deliberate, authentic human connection. The SeekHealing community includes folks at all stages in the addiction healing process; some of whom are at risk for overdose and enrolled in our Extra Care Program. No matter who you’re paired with, you will be part of treating addiction at a societal level in Western North Carolina and helping to build a community that is inherently resilient to addiction.

After completing Listening Training, there are additional opportunities to volunteer in a more direct way with people who need extra care (like ride-sharing, going to activities together, and serving in community mediator roles)

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