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Healing from addiction through human connection

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SeekHealing works to prevent drug overdoses by treating both the individual and the community for addiction.

We provide free support services to anyone at any stage in the addiction healing process, and we educate the community about healthy social connection.

We will not solve the addiction problem in America
if we don’t address social connection. Vivek H. Murthy, 19th Surgeon General of the United States

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The SeekHealing project is about empowering people to heal from trauma rather than requiring “addicts” to achieve certain outcomes.

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Addiction cannot be healed unless its source in childhood suffering is addressed, and unless the cycles of relapse are stopped through empathic human connections. SeekHealing is dedicated to healing trauma, and it provides the necessary connections that empower people to break from that self-defeating cycle. Gabor Maté, M.D.
SeekHealing Advisory Council

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Before SeekHealing, I lived my life in the shadows. I kept different parts of myself hidden from everyone in my life: I was a different person at work than I was with my family, than with my girlfriend, than with my drug dealer. Now, I live my life in the light. I’m living the life I want to live, and I’m being honest with the people around me about who I am, about what I do and don’t want to do. It’s because I have people to talk to about what’s really going on, people who care about me and who will listen to me and not judge me for which chemicals I choose to use or not use. Travis P.
SeekHealing participant and former heroin user

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I have attended rehab nine times. All the months I spent in rehab, everything I learned, does not compare with how valuable one weekend with Seekhealing was for me. It was truly an enlightening experience, and one I would highly recommend to others. Addiction caused me tremendous pain, and made me desperate for answers. SeekHealing has the simple, beautiful answer: human connection. Farrell G.
SeekHealing participant and former heroin user

I would use drugs and alcohol to cope with depression and the general feeling of loneliness. I had heard the concept of connection and recovery before, but I never was able to connect the two. Through SeekHealing, I have been able to become more connected with myself and other people. SeekHealing participant and former IV drug user

SeekHealing saved my life. SeekHealing participant and former crack cocaine user

Since joining I have found myself trying so many new things in an effort to re-build my identity, since that identity was overtaken by drugs for so many years. SeekHealing has given me an outlet to open up since I have always held personal feelings and emotion inside. SeekHealing participant and former heroin user

SeekHealing has expanded not only my sober community but my mind & heart. It is refreshing to find a workable program outside of the same old, tired 12-step programs which, while I’m glad exist, are too limiting for my [recovery] style. SeekHealing participant and former IV drug user

SeekHealing meetings are where I go to feel human again. SeekHealing participant, overdose survivor and former IV drug user

Since the day I completed Listening Training, I have seen my depression symptoms decrease dramatically for the first time in my life. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) for more than 15 years, and nothing, including medication, has been as effective for making my life worth living again as my participation in this community. SeekHealing participant


These names light the way for those who seek healing through our programs and services.

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