Healing from addiction begins with authentic connection

Sign up and receive focused training in

  • harm reduction for addiction
  • understanding how harm reduction applies to recovery
  • redefining addiction
  • destigmatizing addiction
  • eliminating shame in conversation
  • interacting with more empathy
  • relating with others more authentically
  • using nonviolent communication techniques
  • setting compassionate boundaries
  • providing peer-support for addiction recovery

to help someone heal from an addiction crisis and to challenge your own emotional growth.

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Note: Listening Training hours may count towards your Peer Support Specialist qualification & continuing education credits, however, you are not required to be a Peer Support Specialist or even have a substance use history to attend Listening Training.

By completing this training, you’ll become part of a radically different addiction treatment program in Buncombe County, NC. The disease of addiction shows up in individuals because it is first a disease of the community: a problem with how individuals within a group relate with one another. SeekHealing “treats” addiction disease at the community level.

The training takes place over the course of a 6-week series or 2-day weekend retreat, and covers techniques on how to listen supportively to someone healing from opioid addiction (which also involves listening to yourself and learning how to set compassionate boundaries).

After the training, you’ll be paired with someone else in the SeekHealing community in order to practice the art of human connection on a weekly basis. The subsequent program will accelerate both of your healing & growth and you’ll also have access to all kinds of awesome, donation-based groups, meetings and activities to explore with other people in the community.

Listening Training is provided free of cost by SeekHealing, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The program is entirely donation based. A donation is not required but greatly appreciated.

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Whether you want to:

  • volunteer to fight the overdose crisis
  • live a more connected life
  • isolate yourself less
  • work on your long-term recovery
  • stay on course after a recent detox

… this program is for you!

Join the Program

Currently only available locally in Asheville, NC. Housing and transportation not provided.

Whether you’re in recovery, trying to change a substance use pattern, want to volunteer and be of service, or just want to live a more connected life, click the button above to get started. You’ll fill out a short form and then schedule a First Conversation at our office to connect with someone 1-on-1.