Authentic human connection and peer-based addiction support

Ideal both for those struggling with addiction and their family members, or for anyone seeking to grow and fill their life with more meaningful connection, Listening Training teaches participants a new way of relating with each other in a world where authentic relationship is scarce.


  • Rethinking Addiction
  • Breaking Down Shame
  • Personal Harm Reduction
  • Setting Compassionate Boundaries
  • Holding Space for Difficult Emotional Experiences

Note: This course is required for anyone seeking to volunteer or practice facilitation within the SeekHealing community.

By completing this training, you’ll become part of a radically different addiction treatment program. The disease of addiction shows up in individuals because it is first a disease of the community: a problem with how individuals within a group relate with one another.

Through this training, we are “treating” addiction disease at the community level and you are a part of the treatment. Listening Training empowers human beings of all kinds to give each other the best and cheapest medicine available for treating addiction: connection.

Curriculum Basis

Harm Reduction

Transpersonal Psychology

Trauma-Informed Psychology

Non-Violent Communication

Mindfulness Practices

Attachment Theory

Listening Exercises

The Circling Institute

Listening Training Registration Form

Listening Training is available on a regular basis in Asheville, NC as a 6-week course or weekend retreat. We request $100 for the training to cover costs, however no one is turned away due to lack of funds and free tickets are available. Email to sign up or to request more information.

The 6-week series is currently taking place online, instead of at SeekHealing’s office in the United Way building at 50 S. French Broad Ave in downtown Asheville, due to Covid-19.

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Not in North Carolina? If you know a local community center or treatment facility who will sponsor Listening Training in your community, we can come to you!

Shoot us an email at and we’ll work together to figure out how to bring the revolution to your community.

“Since the day I completed Listening Training, I have seen my depression symptoms decrease dramatically for the first time in my life. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) for more than 15 years, and nothing, including medication, has been as effective for making my life worth living again as my participation in this community.” Program participant

A special version of Listening Training is also available with a clinical focus to licensed or certified professionals for the purpose of mastering attending skills and breaking down hierarchy in patient-provider dynamics.

It provides cutting edge education on effectively and compassionately navigating risk behaviors and refocusing clinical services through a harm reduction lens. The course is designed mindfully as a self-care resource for clinicians, and is certified by the NCSAPPB for 15 CEU hours.

Email for more information about bringing SeekHealing on-site to deliver Clinical Listening Training to your staff.

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Addiction cannot be healed unless its source in childhood suffering is addressed, and unless the cycles of relapse are stopped through empathic human connections. SeekHealing is dedicated to healing trauma, and it provides the necessary connections that empower people to break from that self-defeating cycle. Gabor Maté, M.D.
SeekHealing Advisory Council